As I’m doing physical therapy right now, this pic cracks me up. 
Got another 100 miler in January and February 2015


As I’m doing physical therapy right now, this pic cracks me up.
Got another 100 miler in January and February 2015

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Me after a race.

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VT100k 2014 Part II

VT100k 2014 Part II

As long as we run, the challenges are always changing. What never changes is the excitement of preparing for the next challenge, the anticipation of attempting things where success is not certain and the thrill of achieving the things we could not be sure were possible.
Gary Cantrell Ultrarunning Magazine

Signing up for and running the VT100k was about trying something out of my comfort zone. 62…

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VT100k 2014 Race Report Part I

VT100k 2014 Race Report Part I

I ran. I walked. I was mad. I walked some more. My feet hurt. It was really, really late. Somehow, I finished.
Okay, thanks for reading.

What’s up with that?
I’m fighting writing about my 1st 100k cause I’m still dumbstruck. That was one roller coaster ride of feelings. But, two+ weeks seemed long enough to procrastinate. This was twice as far as I’d ever run. Well, run is probably the wrong…

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Getting Ready

Yikes. I’m almost larger-than-life here.
This is me heading to the finish line of the VT50 last year.
I hope to look this cheerful at the end of the VT100k Saturday. I’ve been hopping up and down for the last two weeks, I wonder if I’ll have any energy left to run.
Long training weeks of 50 miles are done. We made it through a very long winter and emerged into a full fledged summer swelter. I’ve…

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This documentary tells the story of one of the world’s most difficult and bizarre sporting events: The Barkley Marathons.

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Pineland 50k 2014

This year’s Memorial Weekend race marks the one year anniversary of my entry into the ultra world!
Remember how nervous I was for this last year? Well, don’t worry if you don’t, cause I do. I was a wreck. I barely slept the night before. I barely slept for the entire week prior. This year, I slept like the professional sleeper I really am. What a difference a year makes.

Race conditions in 2013…

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Salomon Running and Ricky Gates’ trip to the Cooper Canyons of Mexico and the 12th annual Ultra Caballo Blanco.

Getting ready for the big race… Huaraches are the traditional footwear of the Raramuri. Though the huaraches have traditionally been made entirely of leather, in recent decades, the Raramuri have taken to reclaiming old car tires for a more durable and comfortable sole. — at Urique, Chihuahua.

The whole set of photographs can be seen on their Facebook page.

Hope Salomon does not F* this thing up! I mean Micah refused explicitly to have this event sponsored (by the North Face at the time) and you know why: “because running should be free”

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